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Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings 

What is the purpose of a suspended ceiling?

A suspended ceiling is the exact same thing as a drop ceiling, also called a dropped ceiling. These terms refer to a type of ceiling paneling that hangs below the main structural ceiling.


Suspended ceilings are even popular in domestic use, particularly in kitchens and conservatories. The main benefit of a suspended ceiling is to provide a clean, smooth finish to the internal ceiling of a room, whilst hiding electrical wires, pipework and other services.

Suspended ceilings resist moisture, meaning that the space will be more hygienic and healthy. They will also improve the insulation of the building/home which means you will be better able to keep the heat in – reducing your energy expenses making the business or home more energy efficient.

Dennis White

Dennis has been working with ceilings and Suspended Ceilings for over 42 years.  Following in his father Donald's footsteps, Dennis' experience is second to none as is his dedication to his clients. Professional and courteous, Dennis ensures your contractor experience will be a trusted and pleasurable one.

Suspended Ceilings Ltd is a contractor based in Holyrood, NL and serving clients across Newfoundland. We can design and install drywall and suspended ceilings that look great and are completely functional. Call today to schedule a consultation with Dennis!

Suspended Ceilings Limited
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